Know my Rights

Bill of rights for our patients:

We understand that your trust in us starts with the simplest things, so knowing your rights before being admitted is an ethical reflection about the way we care for and manage our patients; you have to know that it is your right to know that:

  • We guarantee to offer the best quality of service, treatment and medical care.
  • Explaining your treatment regimen to you and make sure that you participate in the choice of treatment.
  • A medical procedure is to be made only after giving your consent, and if the patient can’t give the consent directly, his emergency contact person can provide it, and for minors, parents have to sign them.
  • You have the right to refuse treatment.
  • We guarantee to respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal and medical data.

Our patient’s Journey:

Prior to admission:

We welcome anyone who seeks our help, you will be immediately directed to the responsible personnel who will guide you to satisfy your need.
Our ambulance can be directed anywhere to make your transportation easier, from any place in Alexandria or from outside it.


In order to be admitted we will need:

  • A copy of your ID
  • A copy of your insurance card or a transfer letter directed to our center.

Those papers are to be presented to our administrative team in the reception.
Payment is made after finalizing your treatment/service at our reception desk.

During stay:

If you were transferred from our ER to the ICU or if you were originally admitted to the ICU directly we will need a couple of extra things:

  • An emergency contact person: someone we can contact any time in case of an emergency.
  • Signing a consent form to know your rights during your stay.

After being admitted, the patient will receive a Medical Record Number (MRN) which is patient specific to ensure the documentation of our patient’s stay and medical history.
The patient’s family is then informed with the appropriate visiting hours and our Center’s guidelines.


After the improvement of the patient’s condition, the patient’s physician sign the discharge papers, then discharge procedures are carried out by our public relations personnel to ensure the closure of the patient’s account in all of the center’s departments.

The patient’s relatives then heads to our finance department to finalize the patient’s payment, if you are covered by a third party organization approved by us, you may be exempted from paying all or part of the fees, depending on your level of coverage.

During that time our nursing staff will make sure that you know all needed instructions, medications, doses and recommended diet according to your doctor’s order.


If there is a specific condition that prevents the safe transportation of the patient to his home, our ambulance can be directed to transport our patients after the discharge to any place.

Follow up care:

Because of the medical record number that the patient receives upon his admission, his entire medical record and profile that includes: initial diagnosis, medications, patient’s medical history, and physical examination, all of that will be connected to that number, which facilitates the follow up process after the discharge.

The follow up process can then be continued by the original physician who treated the patient, or the patient can ask for a different doctor to follow up with.

Why is your medical record important to us?

Any information about your state of health during a routine appointment or a hospital stay is gathered by our professionals and recorded in your medical record.
They include both self-reported patient information and all of your physician notes on diagnosis, care and treatments, your medical records are protected by confidentiality rules.
Using this tool will help our team to catch any errors, track your therapy and monitor your case. It also helps you to better understand your situation and to facilitate any follow-up process.