About Us

About us

Alhyatt is a leading Egyptian healthcare group consisting of a network of business units and operations stretching to serve the entire wellness chain. With our Headquarter in Alexandria, Egypt; to date, Alhyatt Group has grown approximately 300 employees of qualified professionals who participate continuously in educational and development programs.

Our mission is to always deliver the best standard of healthcare services in a safe, reliable, and caring environment by ensuring excellence in the quality of care provided through evidence based on best practices.

We aim to remain a pioneer in the field of medicine to serve our patients and customers in Egypt and the region. Our philosophy revolves around a“patient-centered approach” where we place our patients and their families’ wellness and satisfaction at the top of our priorities and this makes us committed to medical excellence by developing an integrated platform equipped with highly trained healthcare providers, facilities, and the latest instruments in medical technology.

Alhyatt Heart and Vascular Center roots were founded in 1985 by Professor. Mamdouh A. Warda. Professor Warda has always been recognized as a pioneering symbol in the field of cardiovascular medicine nationally and internationally. Having trained at Saint Luke’s, Texas Heart Hospital in the United States of America, Doctor Warda returned to Egypt in 1985 where he introduced the concept of a specialized cardiac practice with echocardiography being introduced for the first time in Alexandria as a diagnostic modality.

In 1993, Doctor Warda and Mr. MoustafaElnaggar co-founded Alexandria’s first private practice cardiac catheterization laboratory. His drive to lead the field of cardiovascular care over the span of 30+ years has led to the widespread use of echocardiography and cardiac catherization throughout Alexandria and beyond.

Once again revolutionizing the field Dr. Warda founded Alhyatt Heart and Vascular Center in 2011 with the Middle Easts’ and Africa’s first Hybrid Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory where many Alexandria cardiac firsts were performed such as Hybrid Mid-CAB procedures and Minimal Invasive Therapies such as TAVI being performed for the first time.

Alhyatt started with 25 employees and is now a 300+ organization equipped with the latest technologies and best experts in the field across 9 different cardiovascular subspecialties. Having planted the roots and the vision for Alhyatt Dr. Warda passed away in February 2017. Thanks to his passion and drive, Alhyatt Group continues to be a leading force the cardiovascular healthcare sector in Egypt and throughout the region, having grown to include 6 healthcare units.

Our success is owed to the enthusiasm of our committed staff members and employees who give our organization the energy and confidence to innovate and push the field forwards. Our journey does not stop here. We are moving towards positioning our organization as a leading world-class healthcare provider in the Middle East and Africa.