Alhyatt Management Solutions (AMS)

Alhyatt Management Solutions (AMS)©:

We believe that the Egyptian healthcare system has been facing multiple challenges in improving and ensuring the health and wellbeing of the Egyptian and this caused rapid changes over the past couple of years with rising costs among different public and private providers as well as financing agents.

At Alhyatt Management solutions (AMS) ©, we offer partnerships and specialized, innovative solutions customized for healthcare providers to help them arrange their patient pathways, identify, understand and control their cost, deliver high quality care and grow medical practices through seamlessly integrated programs that center on proper patient care, profitability &  patient retention.

We adopt a patient-centered methodology to help clients make the best of the most updated healthcare technologies and services to enable them contribute in enhancing the overall health care system and deliver a better patient experience.

We have a professional team of highly experienced multi-disciplinary experts including doctors, nurses, operational staff, advisors with expertise in executive management, finance, human resources, and marketing, corporate communications, facilities, and information systems. We believe that as partners, we share both risks and rewards based on our long-term business model partnership.