Alhyatt –Alfayrouz Hospital

Alhyatt – Alfayrouz Hospital, or also named French International Hospital is one of the first class unique hospitals recognized with its luxurious hospitality, special design and structure. It consists of a basement, ground floor and 9 fully furnished floors on a 2800 m area including the building and the surrounding gardens.
The hospital is located on Kilo 62 Cairo Alexandria agriculture high way between 4 cities; Alexandria, Behira, KafrAlshikh, and Gharbeya. The hospital aims to the support and development of the medical and healthcare services for Behira citizens and adjacent cities.

The hospital consists of a basement and 10 floors and can accommodate up to 200 beds as follows:

Basement: With a central sterilization unit, laundry, kitchen, inventories, workers room and services, the hospital main electricity room, telecommunication room, monitoring room, female and male mortuary, sewing room, and floor reception.

Ground Floor:Comprehensive emergency department for females and males with a special gate and ambulance ramp, radiology department, dental clinic, administration rooms and main reception.

First Floor:Outpatients clinics for all specialities with special lounge, main cafeteria, laboratory and medical records.

Second Floor:Operations department consisting of 5 large and 1 small operation rooms fully equipped with the latest technology and a recovery room including 4 fully equipped beds, catheter and post catheterization room consisting of 4 beds, special helpdesk for the floor and services room
GIT endoscope, surgical endoscope, surgical microscope.

Third Floor: Intensive care and it consists of 3 units with total of 25 beds equipped with the latest technologies with visitors lounge and a special helpdesk for the floor, patient monitoring room and service rooms.

Fourth Floor: Internal medicine and renal dialysis it consists of 10 first class rooms, 2 suites, service rooms, renal dialysis unit with 20 beds and a special helpdesk for the floor.

Fifth Floor: Inpatient department for orthopedic and rheumatic patients (physiotherapy) including 12 rooms, one suite, aquatic therapy room, service rooms and a special helpdesk for the floor.

Sixth Floor:obstetrics and gynecology consisting of 7 first class admission rooms, 2 suites, 2 operation rooms for natural birth and C-Section surgeries, service rooms and a special helpdesk for the floor.

Seventh Floor: Pediatric department consisting of 20 incubators for premature babies along with services room, sterilization room, lockers, offices, pediatric intensive care unit with 10 intensive care beds and 10 observation beds and a premature babies intensive care unit, in addition to an inpatient department consisting of 5 first class rooms, services room and a helpdesk for the floor.

Eighth Floor: Surgery department including 12 rooms, one suite, services rooms, offices and a special helpdesk for the floor.

Ninth Floor: Administration offices, meeting room, doctors’ lounge, conference room (60 persons).

Tenth Floor: with planes runway for air ambulance, direct elevator to operation room.

Blood bank with 100 authorized beds the one and only in Beheira area