Alhyatt IT Integrated Systems (AITIS)

Alhyatt IT Integrated Systems (AITIS) ©:

We believe that automation is the future! Having an integrated system to organize medical knowledge and systemize all hospital activities through an innovative system to improve healthcare business quality,empower business enterprises, reduce costly administrative errors, optimize operational efficiencies and save lives around the globe is our vision.

Alhyatt IT Integrated Systems (AITIS) © provide a variety of healthcare integrated systems that can be customized to fit your need, integrate patient data into a healthcare practice, so clinicians can focus on what matters most: patient care.


Alhyatt CVIS (Cardiovascular Integrated Systems) © is an integrated healthcare software customized for cardiovascular care providers. Our Cardiovascular solutions provide an end-to-end management platform for clinicians who need access to the entire lifecycle of the procedure, reporting, hemodynamics, analytics, inventory management, streamlines data analysis into a single Cardiovascular Information System (CVIS), allowing you to aggregate data and help improve the quality of care provided to patients as well as relying on the data output as a tool to build your decisions.

The system also provides secure, multifacility support for reporting, user permissions, EMR integrations, and multiple assigning systems.