Dr. Ihab Ghaly


Ihab M.Ghaly, MD.

Preventive Cardiology Unit Director – Alhyatt LIVE Chairman and Deputy CEO, Alhyatt Group
Consultant Cardiologist and Angiologist, Alhyatt Heart and Vascular center
Consultant Cardiologist and Angiologist, Alexandria University

Doctor Ihab has been working for more than 2 decades in treating various cardiac disorders with an open approach to compassionately treat patients. With his diversified clinical, medical advisory and managerial experience within the healthcare sector, Dr.Ghaly has provided strategies for the medical oversight along with competencies in most aspects of strategic planning, clinical performance, emergency medicine, risk management, public health and community medicine in addition medical administration, he has always been seeking a way to contribute twin benefits of acquired expertise and diagnostic brilliance toward fostering excellence in health care and build healthier future heart patients
Doctor Ihab is graduated from Alexandria University in 1996, then started his career back in 1997 as a resident of cardiology and angiology in Alexandria University Hospital, then promoted to chief resident of cardiology in 2001, then he pursued with his Master’s degree in Cardiology and Angiology from Alexandria University. He was appointed as a specialist of Cardiology in Alexandria University Hospital till 2006 when he decided to move to Kuwait. In Kuwait Heart Center, the tertiary referral cardiology hospital in Kuwait. Dr.Ghaly served as a cardiologist, certified trainer and the director of Chest Disease Hospital/ Kuwait Heart Center out-patient department. In January 2019, Doctor Ihab decided to invest his knowledge and skills in Egypt, he joined Alhyatt Heart and Vascular Center as a consultant of cardiology and the deputy CEO merging his expertise in clinical and management skills.

Other Highlights in his career:

  • Fellow St.Louis University, MO, USA
  • Certified trainer from European and British hypertension societies
  • Regional adviser for SCCP- SHA dyslipidemia guidelines
  • Member of ESC
  • Fellow of ACC
  • Speaker and chairman of many national and international conferences

Research Interests

Non-invasive Cardiology/Angiology, Health and Medical Advice, Clinical Excellence, Handling Medical Procedures, Patient Care, Management and Administration, Training/Teaching, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia.