• September 11, 2019
  • Mostafa
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Alhyatt Heart Failure Specialists Course

Let the Heart Grow…STRONGER

Aim of the Course:

Alhyatt Heart Failure Specialist Course aims to provide high quality, updated, continuous medical education to Heart failure specialists, helping them provide the best care for their patients, as well as developing a sustained channel of cooperation with specialized centers of excellence in HF management.

Target audience:

Physicians concerned with the care of patients with heart failure, participating in the whole process of the diagnosis, management, follow up and rehabilitation of this special type of patients. Including: Cardiologist, Electrophysiologists, Interventionists, Internists, Intensivists, ER Specialists, Clinical Pharmacists, …

Course Format:

Interactive presentations, workshops, hands-on sessions, ward clinical rounds, case discussions, live quizzes.

Course Contents:

66 sessions (15 to 30 mins each) covering the whole range of fundamental understanding & advanced management of patients with heart failure.

Course Design:

The course is divided into 2 Parts – 33 sessions each.

Each part is implemented in the form of a 2 days course – Total 4 days.

Course Agenda:     

PART 1 | 10 Hours:
Day 1 |     02:00 PM – 08:30 PM with 04:30 Hours Sessions
Day 2 |     09:00AM– 06:00 PM with 05:30 Hours Sessions          

PART 2 | 10 Hours:
Day 3 |     02:00PM – 08:30 PM with 04:30 Hours Sessions
Day 4 |     09:00AM –06:00 PM with 05:30 Hours Sessions          

Target Number of Candidates per wave:   25 Candidates