• أغسطس 5, 2019
  • Mostafa
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Cardiac ultrasound is for the analysis of valves and blood flow; the various ultrasound Doppler approaches are the most common tools.

Analysis of regional contraction is very important for coronary artery diseases (diseases related to the blood supply of the heart) and rhythmic disorders (diseases related to the heart rhythm). The most common approach so far has been the visual assessment of the cardiac ultrasound images.


  1. Assessment for pericardial effusion.
  2. Assessment of global cardiac contractility.
  3. Detection of central venous volume status.

The goal of the basic cardiac ultrasound is to evaluate the basic systolic function of the heart, in other words, is the heart contracting normally?

Heart ultrasound provides your doctor with moving images of your heart and takes excellent pictures that will help your doctor evaluate your heart health.